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Once you realize that you've caught the flying bug through an introductory day, this P2 program is the next step in making your flying dreams a reality.  This full-featured course will offer you all the required skills to become officially rated as a novice paraglider pilot, allowing you to fly sites on your own, with your own equipment, under supervision.  While this program is quite thorough and a commitment by any student, the rewards are immense and we would be honored to help you along your journey.

P2 Novice Pilot Course

Point of the Mountain Paragliders flying

What to expect during your P2 course:

- Continuation of foundation skills introduced during the intro day.

- A wide range of kiting skills, developing mastery in the art of managing the glider.

- Full development of flight skills required to pilot the glider safely in a wide range of conditions.

- Weather understanding and forecasting.

- Traffic rules of the sky.

-FAA regulations and airspace rules.

- Basic mountain flying and thermalling skills.

- Training for "eventualities" in flying.

- Emergency procedure discussion w/on-ground practice.

- USHPA test preparation... and MORE!

$3000 (w/equipment purchase)
$4000 (w/o equipment purchase)

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