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Envision Paragliding strives to offer the best in customer care, training and support.  Whether you're a student, a product customer or just a pilot searching for guidance & advice, you are treated as family.

Below is a list of glowing reviews we've received from those we have taught, mentored and helped along their flying journey.  It means a lot to receive such positive words and I thank you so much for all your continued support!

"Jeff Butler is a great pilot and instructor.  I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone looking to get into paragliding or anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.  Jeff cares about the sport very much, he places emphasis on safety and most of all having fun.  Very detailed instruction and also a very nice person.  5 stars ALL AROUND!"

- Charlie Walsh -

"Not all instructors can teach all students.  Jeff has a talent for breaking down topics and explaining them in a way that is simple and progressive.  His instruction and feedback is specific, so if you’re like me and wonder things like, “why am I having trouble with xyz?” Jeff will not only break it down for you step-by-step, but he will explain the WHY so that you, the pilot, will better understand and grow in your autonomy."

- Samantha Amato -

"Jeff's vast depth of knowledge and experience have been instrumental in my development as a budding paraglider pilot.  Beyond that, he possesses a calm and friendly demeanor that puts pilots at ease.  Always available, even well beyond the certification process, I have been able to glean whatever wisdom I can from Jeff to continue my flying progression even today.  Often those that excel at their craft are not great at imparting that wisdom - Jeff distinguishes himself from the pack in possessing both traits"

- Mark Overdevest -

"Jeff was super professional, prompt, thorough and straightforward. As good as it gets."

- Joby Spencer -

"Jeff Butler is a very experienced paragliding pilot and an exceptional instructor.  Through his instruction I was able to take my flying to remote mountain sites.  His relaxing, patient teaching style is very reassuring.  Concern for paragliding safety and attention to detail are earmarks of his instruction.  From seasoned pilots to beginners, Jeff has knowledge on every aspect of paragliding to impart."

- Phillip Bond -

"I met Jeff at Point of the Mountain Utah. After observing him fly with amazing expertise, I talked him into a lesson. As a newly stamped P2, all of my training was in a group with other classmates. My kiting skills were marginal at best, though I’d practiced solo for 40+ hours. Jeff very graciously spent over two hours working with me. He taught me things I didn’t know I didn’t know! Mainly I learned many subtleties and finesse. My skill increased 10 fold in just one lesson! Since, I’m much more competent and confident, especially when launching in windy conditions. Sadly we are based in different parts of the country, as I’d benefit hugely from a full lesson package. He followed up with videos with a lot of commentary that I’m able to review often. I offer my highest recommendation!"

- John Cassidy -

"Great expertise & support!!! The best!"

- Barb Henderson -

"Envision Paragliding does it all with such knowledge, expert paragliding training, and making you feel so comfortable throughout the paragliding process while offering a wide variety of the best flying gear out there."

- Joshua Ellison -

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