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Private 1-on-1 coaching is the fastest way to hone your skills and polish those fundamentals to reach new levels of proficiency in your flying skills.


Once you become a P2 pilot, there's not many opportunities to train with qualified instructors and your continued training is left in the hands of the general PG community, where you can possibly develop poor and dangerous habits.  With proper, professional coaching, you can continue to grow as a pilot under the watchful eye of a certified instructor and focus on your personal challenges and weaknesses, working to turn them into solid, perfected skills!

Coaching clinics and private classes can be run at a wide range of sites across the US, depending on where would best suit your needs.  We work at range of mountain locations to offer the best terrain for your development.

Private Coaching

Paraglider Training & coaching

What to expect during your custom coaching course:

- Revisit foundation skills and help fill gaps that may be creating challenges.

- Offer expanded techniques, such as kiting and launch skills.

- Thermal clinics and coaching.

- Mountain skills in setup, layout, weather forecasting and more.

- Efficiency techniques to help create a seamless system for improved safety and timliness.

- In-field first aid training to prepare for unexpected emergencies specific to pilot needs.

- Preparation for P3 skills assessment & testing.

Pricing is dependent on requested course length & location.  Please contact to discuss.

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