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Introductory Day

This is the best way to begin your journey into experiencing paragliding. On this day, you will learn all about the equipment necessary to fly and even get to kite a glider for your very first time!  While this single-day course won't make you a pilot, it will offer you a basic foundation to experience what our sport is all about and help you decide if paragliding is for you.    

Paraglider, kiting

What to expect during your intro day:

- Introduction to the history of paragliding and free-flight.

- Overview of the equipment used in paragliding (harness, glider, instruments, etc.)

- Introduction to kiting (w/demonstration and coaching).

- Step-by-step coaching in helping you kite the glider yourself for your very first time!

- USHPA Membership (P1)

*Note:  While this is NOT a flying course, depending on where this class is held, students MAY have the opportunity to actually fly for their first time via small training hills, depending on conditions and site.

$300/4-hour experience

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